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da Vinci® prostatectomy in Tübingen, Germany!

With more than 1,000 prostate operations over the past five years, the clinic has vast experience in the diagnosis, therapy and follow-up treatment of prostate cancer. In Germany, prostate cancer has meanwhile become the most common type of male cancer.

Since 2008, we have performed radical prostectomies with the assistance of the da Vinci® surgical system. One of the focuses of robot-assisted prostatectomy is the minimally invasive removal of the prostate gland using nerve-sparing techniques and retaining continence.

The robot-assisted da Vinci® prostatectomy further extends the range of prostate treatment, enabling a good tumour therapy result while abbreviating hospital stays and reducing the post-operative rehabilitation time.

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Professor Arnulf Stenzl MD


Professor Arnulf Stenzl MD
Medical Director